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Introducing Heads Will Roll, the new best game on the planet.*

Roll your heads through challenging infinite-scrolling-platform terrain, complete with SCENERY, HIGH EXPLOSIVES, and the chance to score THOUSANDS OF POINTS.


  1. Insanely simple, and insanely addicting

  2. THE BEST Fall Down-style game available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

  1. Tilt to roll multiple heads at once!

  2. Tap on powerups!

* Which planet not specified.  Results may vary.  Fun highly probable.

The Bomb - destroy all platforms with a single touch!

The Clock - temporarily slow down time!

Extra Head - get an extra head!

  1. Location-aware high scores!  Are you the best within 10 miles, or 10,000?

  2. Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty levels

  3. 7 different heads to choose from

  4. BLAM! Comic-book-style effects!

  5. Vivid hand-drawn scenery

  6. Listen to your iPod music while you play

  7. If you have to quit to answer a text or make a call, you can continue when you come back!

  8. Only $0.99**!!!  WE ARE ALMOST JUST GIVING IT TO YOU.  Honestly.

** $0.99 in the United States App Store.  Prices worldwide may differ (but remain incredible).

$0.99 in the US App Store.  Prices in other countries differ.